Want to buy Rogue Audio 66LSR

If you have one in nice condition I am interested in the Rogue Audio 66LSR.

I am located in New York City but will buy one from out of state. Thanks!
I see you are a new member, welcome. You need to place a "wanted to buy " ad in the classifieds.
One listed here a couple days ago. Nice preamp. I had one and a 99.
Check out the listing for the 66 preamp (no remote) from Stereo Exchange. It was my unit, I traded in a bunch of equipment there last week to help fund my purchase of Totem Hawks. Unit is in excellent shape.
Thanks!! I am sorry if this is a stupid question. But I had looked and I cannot find it. How do I get to the classifieds section?
Go to the main page - you'll see a search bar atop. Type in Rogue there and you should find it.