Walmart, 97 cents, for Vibration Control

Simply place on components, or wrap around cables and plugs.  As with footers, location counts.  The more resolving systems will benefit.  The "Fuzzy Sticks" resemble pipe cleaners, but they are lighter, thinner and less rigid.  This means they can be folded, bent in spirals, and cut with a scissors. 

Prepare to be astonished.  What music lover doesn't have micro-vibrations they would prefer to eliminate?



I'm sure this will work for some, but I prefer to cut my old golf grips into chunks/strips and use them as vibration control/isolation material. Effectively free because if I didn't use them this way would be throwing them out.

Intriquing.  But, as a responsible audiophile, I have to be concerned with the resale value of my investments.  After a quick review and a failed attempt to find examples  of used "fuzzy black strips" on A'Gon, Ebay, etc. it appears that there is a risk of losing up to 80% of this product's value once the seal has been broken.  The thought of the potential embarrassment when I have to explain to my tweaky friends that I foolishly tossed real money at this product and lost a major chunk of my investment would make for highly anxiety, and sleepless nights.  The cost of a single Margarita to settle my nerves would exceed the cost of the fuzzy black strips.

As much as I like to admit that any excuse to go to WalMart is a good one, I just can't justify the long-term value of this investment.  Think I'm going pass.

But, wait, my wife just reminded me we can repurpose these in our motorhome.



I wrapped one around my right pinky flinger and my typing is now twice as fast.  Be sure to wrap counter clockwise...otherwise will slow you down.

Thanks but my hi-fi system has every possible accessory and/or tweak that I will ever need 🙂