Wadia voltage change

I need to change a Wadia 301 and a 302 from 120v to 240v operation? Is there an easy way to do this (jumpers / switches or whatever inside the units) or do I have to replace the power supplies?


Most equipment will have 2 or more taps on the primary side of the power transformer, so that a manufacturer won't have to stock several power transformers for the different voltages in use worldwide. You will have to change the fuse (half the amp rating going from 120V to 240V, and double the fuse amp rating when going from 240V to 120V.)
talk to the guys at great northern sound, they specialize in custom upgrades for Wadia, they will be able to walk you through it. The guy who started G.N.S. used to be a tech at Wadia. http://www.greatnorthernsound.com/
Voltage changes should be coordinated through Wadia...
Thanks everyone.

I have a 301. A tech in Auckland changed it from 120 to 240V for mw - no problems. Cost NZ$90 - about $60US. Any tech should be able to rewire it for you.