Wadia 381i compared to 581i

I am a Wadia 581 user for the last 3 yrs. I would like to know how the new CD only player 381 performs compared to old one.
I like the temporal image presented by 581 and its stable low freq reproduction.

I would like to know how the new one fares in this area.
Thanking you
I haven't heard the 381i, but I had the 581iSE. I now have the 781i and I have heard the S7i side-by-side in my system, last weekend in fact.

You know that the 581iSE and 781i play both CDs and SACDs. While the 381i and S7i only play CDs.

I believe that, of whatever all of the changes were, the main difference in the CD only 381i and S7i is the better transport. I think that the 381i starts with the 581iSE, and the S7i starts with the 781i, just without the SACD capability.

In my experience, there was the 581iSE, and as you said, you know how good it is ( I'm specifically referring to the upgraded 581iSE and not the older 581i since I haven't heard it ). The 781i is much, much better than the 581iSE in all areas. The S7i is noticeably better than the 781i, especially in the voices.

If you want the SACD capability in addition to playing CDs, I'd move to the 781i without a second thought. In fact, if you have a 581iSE, or even the older 581i, you can have it upgraded to the 781i.

If you only play CDs, I'd move to the 381i if the one listed on Audiogon right now is the correct voltage for you, but I still believe that you'd get better performance upgrading to the 781i.

The new transport is a nice upgrade. But I can't see the 381i outperforming the 781i if it is based on the 581iSE. Like the reviewers are saying, the 781i is on a completely different level.

Remember though, this is just my personal opinion.

Good luck,