Sim Audio NEO 380D compared to DAC - Streamer

I have Wilson Audio Duette 2's, 2 Triad Bronze in wall subwoofers, Raven Integrated MK2 Reflection Tube amp, Isotek Aquarius power conditioner.  I have been studying DAC's and Network Streamers for the last 4 months.  I believe the best DAC out there under $7k is the Bricasti M1.  I have looked at Schiit, TK2, Marantz, Auralic, Aurender, PS Audio Direct stream to name a few.  If I decide on a DAC then I have to have a network streamer also.  Which one do I choose?   
So I had the opportunity of listening to Sim Audio Neo 380D which is a DAC / Streamer all in one product.  It sounded great but I did not have anything to compare it to.  I also talked to Mytek and by the end of the year they are going to have a combination DAC / Streamer in an updated Manhattan.  I am really leaning going with one unit that serves both purposes for simplicity.  
Does anyone have any experience with either Mytek or Sim Audio?  I never see any commentary on Sim Audio's DAC's.  Also, opinions on all in one DAC / Streamer vs separates.  Pro's / Cons?