Wadia 301 disc read error

My Wadia 301 is not reading some of the cd's properly. I get a "04" on the display. If I press play it plays the entire disc but I've no control. Other than the STOP button, nothing else works either on the player buttons or the Remote.

I've emailed Wadia and they told me that it could be laser, so after consulting with GNSC, I've the laser replaced by Steve at GNSC but it did not fix the problem.

The interesting thing is that if I copy the cd which 301 have issue into a cd-r using EAC or any cd copying software, the player plays the cd fine, no error, everything works just fine.

Anyone have encountered this problem or know anything about this ?
That's a strange problem. It is definitely limited to the Pioneer Servo/Transport though. The W301 talks to the transport by taping into the IR communication line as if it were a remote control. The display is directly connected to the Pioneer servo board. In other words, Wadia doesn't really do anything fancy to control the transport or the primary display in the W301. My advice is to send the player and the CD in question to the factory and let them have a look.
I will add that I have had "reading" issues with my Wadia 302. Brand new red book cd's would give a "no Read", etc. I sent it in to Wadia and was told it was a laser problem. Wadia also told me that "reading" problems are the most common complaint concerning the 302...I imagine some of the same computer idiosychrosies may manifest in the 301. Although the sound is glorious IMHO, the computer-laser-digital architecture is suspect.

Did the laser fix the problem ? I've a new laser installed but still has the disc read problem. Wadia wants me to send it to them, so they can check it. I'm going to CES in Las Vegas next week and will talk to Wadia people.
Rkmca, For the most part, Wadia seemed to fix the problem. I say "most of the time" because my 302 still will sometimes not find the disc...i.e., I will put in the cd, engage the transport, the Wadia's display shows that it is looking but it will not read thoroughly and ends up not indicating the cd's time, etc. I have to open the tray and start all over again...usually it will read after doing this. The other day, the tray would not close when I pressed the button so I had to push it...however, everything seems OK since then. In summary, the sound ranks with the best I've ever heard, but the computer-transport-laser architecture seems idiosynchratic at best. Like I said, Wadia told me that these kinds of issues have been the number one service complaints regarding the the 302. If you meet with Wadia and find out more please let me know.
After talking to Wadia at the CES, I'm sending the player to them. They told me that it will be fixed.
Keith from Wadia finally called me and told me that they can't reproduce the error but keep trying. I told him if you can't find anything by this weekend just send the player back. It's been more than 4 weeks they have the player.
I had read errors on a 302s brief stay in my system, but to be fair, I have observed that all of the better CDPs have read errors. Presumptiously I would say the proprietary software, but I could be wrong.

Its stay was brief only because it was on loan from a friend and out of my price range. Overall it was an outstanding CDP.
Is it true that all front loading cd player have such problem ?

I mean the operation required the tray to be in & out all of the time.

I think top loading player should be o.k.

Just my opinion.
It could be the software but that does not explain why the software works fine when you copy a original cd to a cdr.

Some are saying that cd's with raised inner center causes the problem but I've seen the error without that too.
Finally have the player back. Had a long conversation with a Wadia technician, they were able to reproduce the error at the end and powering down the unit solve the problem and he wants me to try the same and also isolate the power and connect the player directly to the wall.

I've tried both for last couple of days and powering down the unit works ok but some times I had to power down/power up couple times or so for the unit to clear the eroor and read the disc properly. I don't think power isolation have any effect.

Wadia tech also suggested that I should replace the transport as the disc read error could get worse over time and new transport will get rid of the 95% of the error. But I'm not convinced that is the cause of the error and not sure if I should spend the money for a new transport.