VTL or ARC ?

I am considering buying a VTL pre 2.5 /amp ST150 kit for 2ch listening. Or would I be better off spending a little bit more and get an ARC (SP 8 / VTM 100)kit? Anyone with experience with both brands? Are these good model matches for each brand within this price range?
Thank You
go with sp8
I have had VTL and ARC but not particullary the models you mention.

ARC brought a lot of a tube sound to my systemby that time, I found it a little grainy and not as dynamic as I would like to. VTL was more musical, all-around fine system which allowed me to listen to all kinds of musical material without any fatigue, but a little euphonic.

Hope this helps, it is a matter of personal tastes.

hi I like VTL,own a 2.5 and a st85, had a arc vs 55 found I preferred the VTL. the 2.5 is one of the great bargains in hi end audio...just a killer for the money.