VTL MB450 power tube choice

Bought a nice pair of MB-450 monoblock amps that need to be re tubed. One bad tube shorted the screen resistor which I have repaired.  This is the manual bias model.

I know VTL frowns on anything that is not bought thru them and anything other than 6550 used in this amp, however, I would appreciate any input from MB-450 owners on their preferences for power tubes and why.

Scanning archives has nothing recent.



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I have VTL 450MKII amps and currently use Gold Lion KT-88’s. My reason is pretty simple, they sound the best with my speakers of choice. I have a full set of Winged C 6550 that I compared and prefer the KT-88’s. Since that comparison I’ve not felt the urge to audition other brands of tubes.