VTL 5.5 Preamp......

I have a 5.5 pre, this is one superb unit. The only question I have concerns the balance. When the balance knob is dead center, the left channel is definitely louder than the right. I have to put it to 1:30-2 o'clock to center the image. This is not a big deal, but does this indicate anything about the unit? Possible that one of the tubes is starting to go......thanks.....Mark
could be a tube (does the dying channel have more noise?) or it could be your hearing. no kidding, have you had it checked lately? try reversing your cable to the amp and see if you still have to turn the control to the right to balance the sound. If you do its either your amp or your ear. Hope its the former.
i also own the vtl 5.5...i have no problem with the balance...it should be in the middle...call vtl...
Reverse the tubes in each channel. If it follows then the tube(s) are the culprit.