VTA Q: Rega P25 with Clearaudio Aurum Beta S

Am I likely to need one of the VTA adjustment devices for a stock P25 when using a Clearaudio Aurum Beta S cartridge ?

The reason i ask is, i find i get much better sound on thinner LP's (such as Deutsch Gramophon releases from the 1970's of which i have a hundred or so and primarily listen to) than i do from the 180gm and particularly the 200gm current re-issue LP's i have been buying.

Phono preamp is a Musical Surroundings Phonomena FWIW.

It seems to be a VTA issue, but the real difference in thickness on the records is pretty small (though i can see where small differences would be big changes for the stylus).
I am looking for input from others who have used the P25 before throwing money at it.

I have only just recently gotten into vinyl, primarily as a result of finding a mint collection of classical LP's for peanuts prices
I use a Express Machining VTA riser with my RB250. It's suprising how much different the sound can be with just a slight turn of the riser. The diference b/w my Pink FLoyd "the Wall" release vs. the UHQR(200g?) release of Dark Side is a good half turn. I followed TWL's advice and use small movements first, it makes a difference.
Lloyd Walker with his top dog $27,000 turntable took the time to change VTA when demonstrating playback of a 200 gm record. So, both Yetiman, and Colitas are right about the difference being audible.
I have so many "regular" records. and so few special re-issues, that I have accepted a modest shortfall in performance with the heavyweight records, for the convenience of not having to re-install my Rega RB-300, which I think is a requirement for using the riser. But, I am beginning to get the message about VTA.
May I throw in a plug for the Gregory Kerry F-2 Titanium Heavyweight Counterweight which revolutionized vinyl playback on all my records, even without the ability to adjust for optimum VTA?
Thanks for the input ! My "light weight" records sound so good on the table i am reluctant to mess with things, but i guess a purchase and some experiments are in order.
I have to agree with Listener57, about the F2 have it and love it. I use a Sota with a detachable armboard, makes changing VTA a little easier. I did find a unique VTA adjuster, that would allow adjustment on the fly for Rega arms on Ebay. Nobody tried it so I think they dropped it. I will try and find it later, say Mon. when I have more time. Ebay changed my settings on MYEBAY so I lost it in my history.
Agree with all the above. Adjusting VTA is essential, and the Expressimo collar is my favorite of the ones I've seen so far. I think jphii ordered one of the adjusters Colitas saw on ebay. Maybe he'll report.

Check out this thread for a detailed discussion of setting VTA for different records. It's about more than just thickness:

Also, check the Walker website for a superb explanation of how to set VTA and VTF by ear (the only way). These two adjustments are interactive and must be set together to get the most from your rig.
Hi Doug: You told us that to adjust the VTA/VTF the only way is by ear. Well as you already know there are others ways to do it in a best way: ONE - Invert the polarity in one chanel, put your preamp in mono way ( switch ), put a mono record and listen for the least output sound ( this will be the correct adjust ), TWO- We can use the Audio Technica AT 6020 analizer and THREE - Put a mono record with a signal at 1khz ( we can choose severals frecuencies ) and with a PC we can do the job in a scientifically way using the Spectra software.
So, there is no " only way ". BTW the correct way to named this adjust is: VTA/SRA/VTF.