VSA VR4 jr's with Bryston mono's?

Hi everyone,
I currently have a pair of VR4 jr's and a
Sonic Frontiers Line 3 Pre. I am in the market for some new mono's. The Bryston 7B SST's have caught my eye but i am a little bit worried that they might be a little bit too much power for the Jr's. should i be concerned? I listen at very moderate volumes.
Shadorne, you say unless it is a ridiculous mismatch? what would you consider a mismatch? the bryston mono's would be putting out around 750 watts due to the 6 ohm average of the Schweikerts. As i said before i dont listen to music too loud. I just want to make sure i wont be hurting anything.
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That was my idea, to have them be the last pair of amps i bought. Or atleast for a while since i have only been into this hobby for about 2 years. I just dont want to be one of those people who wastes money and time. I would rather buy some quality gear and listen to it for a long time instead of upgrading my entire system every month. Once I have these amps, the only thing that will change in the system is the speakers.
The 7BSSt amps are great. I have 4 of them running the Infinity RS1B's and could not be happier. Very solid bass, and clean highs. They should meet your long term requirements well.
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