VSA VR4 jr's with Bryston mono's?

Hi everyone,
I currently have a pair of VR4 jr's and a
Sonic Frontiers Line 3 Pre. I am in the market for some new mono's. The Bryston 7B SST's have caught my eye but i am a little bit worried that they might be a little bit too much power for the Jr's. should i be concerned? I listen at very moderate volumes.
You can never have too much power... it's when an amplifier runs out of juice and clips that it damages your speakers..
Nice amp! I agree with Cyctocycle that clean power is usually never a problem except in a ridiculous mismatch. However, if you are looking for a significantly louder more dynamic sound then you won't get much extra by exceeding your speaker rating (300 Watts) - the speaker will limit itself anyway by compression from the small drivers as you exceed Xmax and the coils heat up. (Speakers have physical response limits even if they appear to handle more clean power)
Shadorne, you say unless it is a ridiculous mismatch? what would you consider a mismatch? the bryston mono's would be putting out around 750 watts due to the 6 ohm average of the Schweikerts. As i said before i dont listen to music too loud. I just want to make sure i wont be hurting anything.
I'm running a pair of Bryston 7B SST amps into M&K monitors. M&K suggests at least 250 watts into 4 ohms, so I'm way over their suggestion. The only side effect is the amps always run cool -- not a bad thing.

I bought the 7Bs with the idea that they'd be the last amp purchase and I could replace speakers as desired in the future without worrying if I had enough power. They've been a great investment. I added the BP26 preamp last year and I expect it to be the last preamp purchase.

So I say go for it.
That was my idea, to have them be the last pair of amps i bought. Or atleast for a while since i have only been into this hobby for about 2 years. I just dont want to be one of those people who wastes money and time. I would rather buy some quality gear and listen to it for a long time instead of upgrading my entire system every month. Once I have these amps, the only thing that will change in the system is the speakers.
The 7BSSt amps are great. I have 4 of them running the Infinity RS1B's and could not be happier. Very solid bass, and clean highs. They should meet your long term requirements well.
Dan, I think you've got a wise plan.