VR-4jr / How to wire?

To VR-4jr owners:What is the best way to biwire the Von Schweikert VR-4jr speakers if the biwire is terminated at one end which will be connected to the amplifier?
The reccommended way is to connect the wires to both pairs of spades on the bottum of the bass unit(one pair for the bass unit and one pair for the midrange/tweeter unit) while leaving the data link in place.
Would it be better to take out the data link and connect one part of the biwire directly to the posts on the midrange/tweeter unit while leaving the other part of the biwire connected to the bottum posts of the bass unit like it is reccommended with shotgun biwire? Thanks
Take out the datalink and connect directly to the post on the mid/tweeter. All the datalink does is connect the top set of post on the base unit to the mid/tweeter. The reason for this is so you can use bi-wire cables with short tails.

Hi, I'm a dealer and have experimented quite a bit with the VRjr's and the wiring and noted the differences heard with each approach.

The Shotgun approach is, by a significant margin, the most transparent, coherent and lifelike of the ways. Wired this way the system has an uncanny ability to portray the musical event.

The datalink is very useful to bi-wire the system when your bi-wire cables have short pigtails and thus will not reach to the upper mid-tweeter connections on the upper unit. Using the datalink (without jumper plates) is the next best way to wire the system. This way does sacrifice some transparency and directness but still has very high level of coherency.

Single wiring is the most basic way to wire the system. Install the jumper plates and datalink as instructed in the manual. I would recommend to connect the speaker cables from your amplifier to the lower woofer posts. This method does give up a little more transparency but it is still very good.

In my experience the bottom line is to shotgun run this speaker to the lower woofer post on bass module and to mid-tweeter posts on the upper module.

Hope this helps.


When you shotgun as described do you remove the jumper plates? Thanks,