VPI Scout Rega 25 Basis 1400

Has anyone listened to the above turntables, or should I ask if anyone has compared them. Just got a chance to hear the new VPI Scout and thought it was much better than the Rega 25.Would someone tell me what they thought about the Basis1400.The Music HallMMF7, I did not think it came across with as good as the others mentioned.
The Scout is the clear winner here.
Get in touch with Mario,owner of 'Toys From The Attic' in White Plains,N.Y. He will give you a killer deal.
Tell him Dave sent you!
914-421-0069 info@tfta.com
Thank you David99. I think I will take your advice. Had A chance to listen, and your right. The VPI is much better than the Rega.Tahnks again I will call Toys from the attic to see what kind of A deal I can get. Will tell them you sent me thanks again Tbird.