VPI Scout or VPI people -- Question

Can you use the peripheral ring and clamp on the Scout or it nees the platter upgraded?
You have to upgrade the platter.
Stock Scout cannot use the peripheral ring clamp. You need to upgrade to the HRX platter (which is stock on the Scoutmaster--go figure).
Rapogee, from the title of your thread... I thought VPI had worn out the Scout name with Scout, Scoutmaster, and Super Scoutmaster. So for a second I thought they had a new TT named the VPI People, followed by the People Master, and for audiophiles with golden ears the Super People Master....

You can buy the stainless steel HRX record clamp which just sits on the spindle & entire record lable... no more screwing. The peripheral ring clamp becomes a real pain in the azz after awhile. As you'll wind up hanging it over your head, on your neck like a hola hoop with constant usage.

If it where me... I'd upgrade the 600 rpm moter to the 300 rpm convertion, buy the Stainless steel HRX record clamp, the new black anti-static belt, and down the line the SDS and walk away.

Or sell it all and buy the Super Scoutmaster package, as the Scoutmaster in my opinion is the poredge that Goldilocks wouldn't choose.