vpi scout/jmw9 arm/ortofon mc3 turbo help.

did any one having the same tt and with the mc3 turbo or other cartridge can or could track ,the telarc digital album of tchaikovsky's 1812,"cannon shots ".do i need the antiskating.my brother has a oracle alexandria with an alphason hr100s and a audio technica 440ml,the hr100s is classified as a "c" by arthur salvatore when the jmw9 is classed "b",and with his set up the cannon shots are very clear.input needed thanks in advance.pat
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According to the review in Stereophile on the VPI - the reviewer and VPI maker suggested adding a little more tracking force than normal. This shoul help, but the VPI isn't the best at tracking difficult records anyway. It's not bad. It tracks on almost all of my records including the 1812 cannon shots. I wouldn't worry about it. I mean how many cannon shots do you have recorded? It should play almost anything else. Just add a little more force than suggested and according to Art Duddley it shouldn't hurt the records or cartridge.
ok but what is your cartridge and do you have the anti-skating.thanks.pat
Finally after making an anti-skating(after seeing the dvd of micheal fremer,vinyl for the 21st century)out of fishing nylon wire,and a holder, with blue tack ive been able to pass the test of the cannon shots better than my bro with the same cartridge.I too put a rubber washer around the spindle,so warped lps sit on the platter very firmly after the clamp is on.That table is amazing.
I have Stock VPI Scout/JMW9 arm/BENZ Micro Ace with no problem at all tracking the telarc digital album of Tchaikovsky’s 1812,"cannon shots”
TT and JMW9/BENZ Micro Ace are installed by Brooks Berdan Ltd at Monrovia, California
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