VPI JMW 10.5 damping oil question

I have another VPI JMW 10.5 setup question. I was experimenting with adding damping oil. According to the setup manual, I should fill the oil cup ¾ full such that it will not overflow when the arm tube is set in place. The underside of the arm there is a half-sphere object with a deep conic indentation in the middle. When the arm tube is set in place, the indentation sits on the pivot bearing so I assume the surface of the half-sphere should be immerse in the oil cup. What puzzles me is that no matter how much oil I add, even up to the rim of the oil cup, no part of the arm tube ever touches the oil. Is this normal? If so, how does oil damping work if nothing touchs it.
I have this arm, and that part of the arm tube definitely contacts the damping fluid. No idea why yours doesn't. Check with Mike at VPI.
Mine doesn't touch the oil either. I always assumed the oil damped the arm/pivot unit–not the arm by itself.
I spoke with Vpi. The underside of the half-sphere should definitly touch the damping oil. There is a setscrew on the top of the arm base right next to the arm wire. Turning this setscrew can lower the arm tube into the oil cup and control the amount of damping.
If the paddle doesn't touch the silicone fluid, then how in the world would the damping work? Come on guys, think about it.
Are you sure that no part of the arm is touching the fluid? Mike from VPI told me to add enough fluid so that when you lift the arm off the bearing/pivot, a small "thread" of fluid extends about 1 1/4" before breaking. I use a little less fluid, but even when I use very little, you can see a thin thread develop between the male and female bearing when you lift off the arm. I assume that if there were "no contact", no fluid would stick to the top/male bearing when the arm is lifted off.

Yes. I am sure. I rechecked it about 10 times. Mike from Vpi told me the arm I got has the conic female bearing in the arm tube set too low, that effectively lifted the arm out of the oil cup. I was going to adjust the setscrew to lower the arm tube but I don't have the right allen key. I will do it this weekend.
Thanks for this thread. I just checked my arm after owning this arm for a couple of months now. I also set it up according to VPI on my Aries. There was no contact with the arm female part of the bearing so I increased the amount of damping fluid to within 2 mm of the top of the cup. Now when I lift the arm off I see the 1 1/4" of fluid thread before breakage. Miles Davis has improved in overall soundstage and width. Thanks again!
Thank you Steve for your '2mm' helped heaps on my classic 3 set up.