Von Schweikert VR4 Jr - any inside info?

Anyone have the inside scoop on the VR4 Jr?
It's being introduced in Jan - as I understand it's a 2pc stacked cabinet, wood vaneer (no cloth!) a true 3 way with the same drivers as the Vr2 only with a dedicated midrange, retails for $1500 more than the VR2.
I have the VR2 in my sights - and now I've learned of the VR4 Jr intro - Can anyone share their experience when they've spent extra money for one speaker over another from the same company and whether it was worth it? Or whether you'd do it again?
For example: I've heard from two people who said the extra money they spent on the Meadowlark Osprey over the Kestral 2 was definitely worth the extra cash. Same with the Aerial Acoustics 8b over the 7b.
I'm wondering if $1500 more for the VR4 Jr will be that much of a leap in sonic improvement and whether to wait another couple months to find out, or just roll with the VR2 and get it over with?
Kind of a ramble but any and all thoughts will be appreciated.
Wait and see. It might have better bottom end.
Or, you could purchase the VRS1 sub with the VR2 for similar (or less) mone). I have a pair of VRS1s (for better room loading) the I use with a pair of VR2s. With the subs, the midrange is improved and the bass is all you could dream of. With the Avia tests, I can not hear the transition from the VR2 to the sub. It is truely seemless.

Where did you hear about the VR4JR's? I want in on the gossip.

Either way, I'm sure you will be happy. Good luck!
I can't exactly which Von Schweikert dealer I spoke with who gave me the info - he was also a big fan of the Vr2 - I also spoke with someone at VS that filled me in on the details. It will be interesting to read what everyone has to say about the VR4 Jr when its introduced at the CES show in Jan. I heard the VS rep is already taking his sample around and auditioning it for the various dealers.
Any idea on the size? One of the nice features of the VR2 is that it is fairly small, which aids in placement. I figured out that I didn't have room for the 4's. Could be that the Jrs. could be closer in size to the 2s even if the constuction is more similar to th 4s. I look forward to hearing more!
The word I got is that the Vr4 Jr's are close to the same size at the 2's with the double-stacked design characteristic of the 4 series.
I haven't been able to get any additional information.