Von Schweikert VR-5 vs Revel Salon2

Has any one had an opportunity to compare the Salon2's to the Von Schweikert VR-5SE/Anni's and be able to share opinions? Thanks.
I have not been able to compare the two. There is a forum for Von Schweikert owners and those interested at Audio Circle.com. Go to Owner Circles and then the Von Schweikert Audio group. There are many VR5 owners that post there they should be able to help. I own the VR 4SR MK2 and am very happy with them. In general I find that the VS speakers have a fuller sound than the Revel.

Blessings, Bob
hi, if you really want other advise i will give you mine. unfortunatly you will have to find a way to listen to these speakers for yourself, it is the only way to know which speaker you will like better !! I personally like the revels much better. but it is just my opinion. a friend of mine has the vr4 jr . a good, fun sounding speaker, however he use to have the revel f30s . and to my ear was a much better speaker ! in NO way less full sounding than the VS. in fact the revels were fuller , with much better bass , and less strain at louder sound pressure than the vs speakers. the salons are in a different league than f30s , it is the best speaker I have ever heard regardless of cost. it has amazing full range sound, and breathtaking detail, the best tweeter I have heard , ect you get the picture. find a way to listen to them for yourself , you will not be disapointed, good luck and happy listening, chris
I have auditioned both intensively (among many others)...both are on my short list, have been for a while. I keep finding bargains I can't resist and as such keep putting off the 'big' speaker purchase. Soon I hope. The Salons are beautiful looking speakers, nicer looking then the Vons. They are very clean and throw a huge sound stage. IMO more of a middle concert hall sound. That was with two types of electronics too. The VS5 are more holographic and three dimensional sounding. They image like crazy and the soundstage is from one side of the room to the other. Transparancy is just incredible. I beleive They use the Revelator tweeter. It is done well on these speakers. This was with BAT and Levinson gear (Salons) and some Ayre stuff with the VSR. I personnally have a preference to the VSR. It sounds less hifi and more like real music to me, very natural and unforced . Every track sounded completely different. But I can see how someone would prefer the Salons too. Its just that the Vons transported me to the event better.... If you want a real eye (ear) opener listen to the Evolution accoustics stuff. Incredible...wish I had 50K to spend on speakers. Regardless, can't go wrong with either one. Better make sure your electronics are up to it as these speakers will ruthlessly reveal crap.

Cheers and good listening
You mention Evolution Acoustics. I'm running the Evolution Acoustics MM2's. Yes, they are 50K, but I've heard nothing better at any price. I just wanted to menton the new smaller Evolution Acoustics Mini 2's. They are the smaller versions of the MM2's. I heard them for the first time at CES and they sound very similar to my MM2's with just about all the magic, just on a smaller scale. The Mini 2's are the same basic design, cabinet, driver and parts as the MM2's and MM3's which are all cost no object. Retail is 40K.
Evolution Acoustics dealer
Barry - If you want to advertise your speakers, take out an ad. Poor taste to do it here, regardless of disclosure.
Precisely, the dealer ads on these boards masquerading as informed opinions are *always* in poor taste, regardless of disclosure.
if you listen to the revels or any speaker for the matter, make shure you listen to a wide selection of gear. the better speakers these days often sound like what they are attached to. the poster who said they had a mid hall perspective just happened to discribe the sound of bAT AND ML GEAR ! both having a more distant or laid back sound. I have heard the salons sound forward and bright, and full and warm depending on what they are hooked up to. as for soundstage I have not heard better, in fact in one demo it was in a dedicated home theater [ custom room ,all revel ]
and during on song the soundstage was so big I thought for shure the dealer was cheating and it was in 5.1 stereo surround , so I got up and put my ear up to the gems on the side walls, and to my astonishment , they were not on ! I had been listening in just stereo the whole song !!
the sound was just huge, with layer after layer of detail ,this was by far the best sound staging I have heard anywhere.. good luck, chrissain