Voltage stabilizer for big amps??

I have noticed that my ARC VT150SE amps sound best when my home line voltage is at or above 113 volts. These amps have an input voltage meter on the front, and the sound deteriorates when the voltage drops significantly. Here in California (power crunch, you know) line voltage drops are a part of life... do any of you have experience with voltage stabilizers that might accommodate big power amps? The VT150 can draw as much as 550 watts each. I use a PS Audio P300 for my line level gear, but their P1200 is really expensive; I think that the P600 is not powerful enough. Monster cable makes a voltage stabilizer too, have any of you tried it? Thanks for your opinions.. M
Look at the Equi=tech equipment at http://www.equitech.com. I do not have the same power issues you have in CA, but this system has done wonders for the sound of my system (ALL ARC VT-100, LS-25, DAC3MKII and CD2). In addition, I have my home theatre on the same box. Made alot of power related issues disappear. Be sure to spend the extra bucks on the "Q" transformer and appropriate digital filters if needed. The other thing that I did was have a 230V 30A drop pulled to my living room and the equipment makes the voltage conversion to 115V. You may contact the factory direct they are very helpful (phone # in website). I am in no way affiliated with either company mentioned, or any dealership... Good luck, and I hope this works as well as it has for me.
Mgx, drop me an email. I can point you to a specific product but i don't know for sure if it will work for you. VERY reasonably priced but not necessarily "audiophile" type of equipment. It may be worth checking into or at least make you aware of some other stuff that is available. Sean
Hey. I use APC Line-R line conditioners and am very happy. The 1250 is about $50 on eBay. It's a cheap way to see if it would fix your problem if nothing else. I noticed only positve effects from them. I know they're not audio-grade but APC has been making power equipment longer than most audio-grade companies which is why I gave it a shot in the first place. And at the price I have four of them so I can split equipment up. As an example, my CD player and the TV are on the same one because they're never on at the same time (I'm only using a 1250 for my amp, I use 600s for everything else). Hope this helps. leo.
Sean: Forgive me a curious fool is it a hospital unit?
I use the Exact Power unit that puts out exactly 120 volts. I have my entire home theater and Mitsubishi tv on it. I'm in the Bay area in Califiornia and the power fluctuates all over the place (especially during last Saturday's storm). The Exact power's output voltage was unaffected. One caution note, some power transformers in big power amps buzz when plugged into this device (not used to 120 v?)but overall the sonics are improved and the TV picture (especially blacks) are very stable.