Voltage differences Europe vs Japan

I am facing the possibility of moving from France to Japan for a few years and of course wish to take my beloved hi-fi system with me.
I understand that Japan (or at least Tokyo) has 100v mains vs the 230 here in Europe. I also believe that domestic mains wiring to sockets does not have any earth connection ?.
Can anybody please provide any guidance on where to source a quality transformer (or other option) and what happens ref the earth given that all of my components are earthed through their respective mains leads.
System is Emm Labs DCC2 & CDSD, ATC Active 50's, Mac Mini.
Many thanks in advance for any kind support & advice.
I work, in the US, for a large Japenese company, and some of the guys I work with are into audio, so I will check with them. They will know.

A question I have though, is why does anyone leave France for Japan? Japan is nice, but come on, France is great. It's a bigger California with better prices on housing!!
Thank you Macdadtexas

I really appreciate the kind assistance. Not much option for the move due to work, happily I shall be taking a young, beautiful, intelligent and music loving souvenir with me :-)
You may want to investigate power products from PS audio &/or competitors. When you move back to France you can use it as filter/regulator as they have adjustable voltage settings.
You may have to change your Schukos to US standard but that doesn't take much and they have a better contact also. I live in France and have my HiFi power cables fitted to US standard. Also you get a better and more price effective choice of power cables.
Thank you Timnaim, I appreciate very much the help, I had looked at PS audio etc but, cannot find a unit that accepts all input voltages and produces 230v / 50 htz output.
I am very happy to pay whatever it costs but cannot track down an obvious solution for the voltage / hertz.
In addition the lack of an earth through the mains concerns me !
Please keep the knowledge coming... it really is very much appreciated.
my guys said that Shunyanta makes a converter for Euro to Japanese conversion. He sent me the link in Japanese to my home computer, it would not just follow the link. He is looking for the English version(?). I don't know why the link would not work.

He is checking with one of his buddies in Tokyo to see about availabilty in Japan. I will get back to you.
Based on your post, I assume you are moving (or contemplating a move to Tokyo (if so, welcome to Tokyo) rather than the west of Japan. In that case, the frequency is 50Hz, same as France.

These guys have a product which is supposed to be a self-regulating step-up/down transformer (100V to 220V input, 100V-230V output).

There is one available here on Yahoo! Auctions (the Japanese version of eBay), offered at JPY 90,000, which should translate to about 750 euro. It may be cheaper if ordered directly from HK but i could not get the HK site to work well on my browser. The mfr. asks that it be set up by a licensed electrician, but it looks like it would probably serve your purposes.

Otherwise, the premier Japanese mfr of products which are like PS Audio's is called CSE, and their product just does step-up from 100V to 117V. Accuphase's offerings are just waveform regenerators - no step-up.

Otherwise, Japan has a very active market in used equipment on the Yahoo Auctions, in high-end stores, and on HiFiDo (www.hifido.jp). You may find it interesting to explore what Japan has to offer while you are here. If you are at all a DIYer, there is actually a strong used market for well-built DIY tube equipment and one can buy, experiment, and sell for very little friction (and if one is good/careful, one will sell for a bit more than one bought).
My thanks to you all, I really appreciate this forum and the help, if I can ever reciprocate for audio matters in France - don't hesitate. Certainly the step up transformer route looks logical. Can anyone shed any light on how to adapt to the lack of earth wiring in the domestic Japanese outlets, currently all of my apparatus is earthed through the mains leads ?
To T_Bone, thank you for the welcome, when I eventually arrive if you feel like auditioning Emm Labs and ATC over a glass or three then you shall be very welcome.
Gsm, It would be my pleasure and privilege.
Regarding your ground, there are a couple of products which are sold which provide a ground. The best-known version is the Acoustic Revive RGC-24, and I believe Acoustic Revive made one other, which can be found used. They are available at or through Tokyo high end stores or on Yahoo Auctions (the local version of ebay). The other easy way to accomplish this is to ask the realtor/landlord to get an electrician to put a ground in, and run it pipe to where you want to use it. It does not cost much, and if asked for as an initial condition for rental, it will probably be done for you. Note that the Japanese word for 'ground' is 'earth' (アース), pronounced the way a posh old man might state (slowly), "He forgot [to get a ground installed] - what a Stupid A__".