Soundlabs London/UK/Europe

Hi I am interested in demoing a well set up Soundlabs system, of the current PX or Millenium generation. It's extremely tough to find someone in the UK with an SL system - if there is anyone or even in Europe around UK, willing to fly over for a listen.

Thanks - I currently own Martin Logan Summits and am thinking of Audio Exklusivs, Apogees, and later maybe CLXs, but want to listen to to Soundlabs first
For the cost of the speaker, it is expensive enough that you might consider going to another country to do the audition- it would be a fraction of the price.

IMO the Sound Lab is the state of the art in ESLs. They are full bandwidth and easy to drive with tubes or transistors.
I responded to your post on the SLOG site. Once you hear a proper Sound Lab system...

Atmasphere is right. People should avail themselves of the opportunity to audition the product(s) of interest rather than buying blind. The latter can become very expensive when, not if, things don't turn out as hoped.