Anyone have experience with the Volex power cords? I just ordered a "sample" of this one to try out:


Practically free by "audiophile" standards. Only catch is most suppliers have 15 piece minimum orders...
The Volex cords are basically Belden cables with molded ends. Belden used to market them under their name and then stopped for some reason. Supposedly a very good basic cord, especially for the money. Many folks start off with these and then simply upgrade the connectors on them to something a little sturdier. You can find out more info about them if you do a search in the Cable Asylum. Sean
I think you can get them from Allied Electronics for a reasonable price and you don't have to buy 15 of them. They do have a $25 minimum. though. They are well made and well shielded. My experience with them is that they will do no harm and will subtly improve the sound. I do not have much experience with power cords but I have been very satisfied with the Volex.