DIY connectors for a VOLEX power cable

Am experimenting with cheapy Volex 17604 PCs- though they have (garbage) computor-type connectors.

So looking for low-med priced connectors - nothing expensive as these are $10.00 cables... before you laugh these cables are Giant Killers..

I've owned $2000 ones before, and presently have $500 ones today - these compare..almost..and with garbage connectors!!

Any suggestion on some low cost 100% copper connectors
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I can't asnwer your question - but would like to ask where you got these? Having trouble finding them instock online.

I have stock powercords on everything - want to start cheap and move up - the opposite of you!
Volex available at :;jsessionid=NMTZYMBB2K05ICXDUZ1G2WQ?N=401&Ntk=gensearch_001&Ntt=93k2606&Ntx=&D=93k2606&_requestid=67002

You are not going to believe the difference.
Here is the late great Bob Crump's suggestion for terminations:

(The Volex 17604 and 17605 cords are made from Belden 19364 wire)
Maybe the connectors are part of the magic. Why screw with a good thing?

Good point Herman - Though, I am purposely experimenting; at $8.00 a cable I can afford to be reckless..

So far Take-5 Audio in Canada has had great success with his customers using 10$ Schurter connectors that ironically provide better wire-connector than many of the expensive ones. contacts.

Apparently, many of his very high end customers (who could and have afforded the best) have used this configuation in their digital - for 2 years straight.

I'm going to get Take-5 to make me one - but still open to further comments.

Thanks Williamdc

Great audioasylum thread !!

Supports perfectly on what I've read so far - helps to hear it from a few different sources.

Let's not delude ourselves, I'm sure that you can get better cables - if price is no object.

Though we must question the wisdom of spending more than 15-20% of the budget on cables.

That said - Im trading-out my $800.00 PCs with these for my digital. Now I have freed up $ for a better IC...unless I get lucky and find another giant killer.