VISATON's MONITOR 890 MK11:world's "best" monitor?

i've been surfing the web and came across a very interesting web page..has the VISATON's line of drivers and speakers..check out the 890 MK11..has dual 12 inch woofers 28 - 2000 hz + a horn called DR 45 500-12000hz + TL 16H titanium "horn" tweeter.. if you are about to spend $$$.$! on a speaker may want to take a close look at these winners
Doesn't this seem remarkably similar to the way the HMS cables thread got started recently? But I suppose if this were really a shill, Tweekerman would have included the URL. Or would have heard the speakers - Tweek, how do you know these are "winners"? They are interesting though, and there's a ton of other stuff on the site. For the curious who, like me, never heard of the brand before, here is a web address to save you from the searching I just did:

Click on 3-way speakers to find the model Tweek likes.
Zaikesman, as everyone on the gon knows i'm picky as hell when it comes to audio a cook/chef/food critic i try to zone in my senses to find whats "best"..just reading the drivers description and having a good "hunch"..i'm very confident these speakers will battle out any speaker at their price level..and above..look at the quality of the drivers!!!!..if you can't see the superiority in these drivers! Show me a commercial speaker web page that shows me drivers of at least equal quality..just one..commercials never tell you the drivers can someone translate what the euro price is to dollars..i think its 1 euro = $1.50..and then find me a speaker to compete with this monster!!..yes you need one heck of a amp..but thats the owners problem not mine..cause i'll never own them..i'm for tubes...i did say "best" not THE best
Tweek, I guess no one else is coming to this dinner, but tell me: When you write about food, have you actually eaten it, or just eyeballed a picture of it on a computer screen?
Ouch, Zaikesman! :)

I'm a graduate of the CIA (the one in Hyde Park, not the one in McClean) and lemme tell ya, presentation AIN'T everything.

will (bishop, psychotherapist, gourmand, musician, and audiophile-who-doesn't-take-himself-too-seriously)
yea your point is valid..but i guess what i really want to say and if you are honest would agree..that there are many commercial labs making very expensive and UGLY looking speakers that just don't cut it..that speaker is way too much sound for me but name me one speaker in america that offers dual 10 inch woofers nice looking horn and nice looking "horn" tweet?'s an alternative..but it'll never make it over here i'm sure..i would love to put the 890 MK11 up against the Sound Labs
Bishop are you trying to say from looking at a speaker you can't tell if it will be a good or bad sound?..well i can..yep sure can..and this 890 will blow away most all the commercials that i've come across. It's said you can't say if a book is good or bad by it's cover. When it comes to speakers i can. IF a cabinet contains certain superior drivers and has good xover by a CAPABLE me it will sound good. I'm not refering to this speaker in particular. Power supply and digital sources are light years ahead of speaker tech. But they are on the way. That's the next horizon in audioworld. The new frontier. Any company that advertises its product i do not buy. You go figure.
Yep, "go figure", that's about all I can make of this, Tweek. TEHO. Bishopwill, my girlfriend's best girlfriend recently got remarried to a guy named Bishop, and had her first child - a boy they named Wil (one "l"). I'll let you know when he starts cooking, playing, or psychoanalyzing. (At a year and a half he does have one heck of a Brian Jones blond bowl-cut, though.) Let me know when you're in DC, you can cook us dinner (and we can email Tweek the pictures)!
Hey Zaik you know some of the best food is prepared right down here in New Orleans..gumbos jambalaya oysters (fried oyster po-boys!!) yall com'oon dahn heer i'll fix ya up..and the crayfish..gotta suck the heads..its the best part all that yellow fat..nice'n spicy...BTW my Seas W22 drivers arrived today..STUNNING!!..super tech!
All right, the food in Naw'lins is something we can definitely agree on! (Yes, I have actually been there and eaten it.) Enjoy looking at your new drivers!