Virgo II versus J.M. Reynaud's Evolution 3 speaker

I have an opportunity to buy "mint-used" of either the "older" Virgo II or Reynaud's Evolution 3. I have heard the Virgo II several times and liked them, but also know they are finicky about upstream electronics, speaker cable, and the bass is a bit thin. Reynaud's Evolution three, I have not heard but reviews have been strong, especially a recent one in the Listener Mag. Would appreciatre all opinions and experiences with these two speakers. (Also, opinions welcomed about the new model Virgo III which I have heard and liked, but are too expensive and nobody wants to "deal" on them; I am not sure they are better,or just different than Virgo II.) Thank you, Jimbo
I owned the Virgo 2 and own the Evo 3, I like both very much, but they're different, it all depends on your taste.
Evo3: very fluid, smooth, clean, relaxed, warm, rich sound.
Virgo2: a bit thin sound, colder except for warm midbass.
Evo3 has more very deep bass but the Virgo has more midbass.
Mids of the Evo3 are much better. The highs of the Virgo are more edgy, aggressive, but perfect, very realistic cymbals, much better than the Virgo3 with it's ugly sizzly metal tweeter (my personal opinion). The tweeter of the Evo3 is also something special, it shines a golden sunlight over your music.
Evo3 has better dynamics. Both have good soundstage, but the Virgo is deeper, a bit more spectacular. Virgo has a sharper focus and smaller imaging (instruments seem a bit small sometimes and the sweet spot is more narrow).
Virgo's can be very impressive when you hear them the first time, Evo's have more hidden qualities (musicality, passion, emotion). Both are difficult to set up. Both are good speakers to enjoy the music and forget that your listening to a system.

Tastes differ a lot, so try to audition, f.i. I prefer the Virgo2 over the Virgo3 (tonally the Virgo3 is better than the 2 except for highs, but I don't like the overall balance, lack of coherentness, the magic has gone). The Evo3 beats the Virgo3 in almost all aspects (except soundstage).
The Virgo III's need to be much more carefully matched with very high quality electronics. The tweeter is very revealing and can sound unbelievable in the right setting. Also note that they have only been out a couple of months so ther are few pairs that have been thoroughly broken and set up prperly with well matched gear. Time will show this to be one of the most transparent and resolving speakers available.