Vinyl In the Netherlands

I am on a business trip to the Netherlands and working in Utrecht through Friday. I should have a little spare time on my hands and was hoping someone could point me to some sources for vinyl while I am here. My hotel is close to the Utrecht Centraal station and I am somewhat familiar with the area having been here a couple times before. Also, any suggestions for audio stores or manufacturers in the area would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Hello Clio09

The best vinyl shops are located on the Oude Gracht. A long street with shops, restaurants etc. near the Centraal Station. Unfortunately the best, Da Capo at no.10 stopped last year. What's left is De Grammofoonwinkel at no. 26 and Plaatboef at no. 306. Metro is at Vredenburg 34 (mostly techno etc.) and Xango Music at Zadelstraat 10. Maybe there are more but this is all I know. The only high end audio shop in Utrecht I know is Studio Wilbert at Korte Jansstraat 11.

Thank you. Oude Gracht is a short walk from the Grand Karel so I went by and found the one at 306 but it had already closed. I will go buy earlier tonight. The other one located at 26 is a mystery. Seems the numbering gets to about the high 100s before the street changes names.
Music On Vinyl is in the Netherlands. If you are anywhere near it I bet they might give you a tour.

THAT would be awesome!
It's 28 miles so not impossible. Thanks
Bad timing, if you were there a few months later you would be able to partake in one of Europes largest Record Show in Utrecht.

That looks like a great event. I think I can convince work I need to be over here around that time:)