Vintage Thorens strobe bulb, anybody?

Hi -
I'm looking for a replacement neon strobe bulb for my Thorens TD 125 MK II. The one in there is going intermittent, and I don't think the Thorens parts man who used to be in Kew Gardens NY is there anymore. Does anyone have a line on a replacement for the bulb? I have thought about retrofitting a standard 110 volt neon test light but I'm thinking that it would probably induce hum (like the Empire Troubador turntable indicator lights used to do). What about the ones used in my Dual 1229 units. Are they interchangeable or are they apples and oranges?
Check the that may give you some help.....
The previously mentioned site is actually "", and is full of useful info. You can actually order a bulb from schopper at:
not sure what the exchange rate is for calculating the cost.