Vintage Theta DS Pro Basic II vs.

I have a vintage (circa early 1990s) DS Pro Basic II DAC from Theta Digital, fully balanced with XLR outs. I've gotten a bit "out of touch" with audio gear of late. Wondering about upgrading to something newer, but not sure if newer is better or what sort of price point I'd need to hit to better the Theta's performance. The Theta is so old it's hard for me to gauge how it might square up against current offerings. Do they not build them like they used to? Or can far better be had now for far less than the $2K+ the Theta cost new back in the day?

Given advancements in technology, would something like an Oppo BDP-105D offer superior sound? Or would the Oppo be not as good? Curious how the "old" Theta DAC would square up against something decidedly more modern.


Theta still builds killer products. I know the Casablanca is still in production (IV). Contact Theta to determine the availability of upgrading this DAC. Keep me posted.
I would also very like to get folk's opinions on this question, as a friend in the audio business has given me the next version of this Theta dac, the Basic III. I was thinking about upgrading to an Arcam irDAC to use with Sonos and ALAC CD rips, but if there is little or no difference, the the $700+ for the Arcam might better go toward something else that might have a more significant sonic effect. My system of Naim XS2 int. amp and B&W CM5s should be able to show the difference, if it is there, and any advice about this would be greatly appreciated!