Vintage Speakers

Anybody out there remember the company who made the omni-directional speaker (was actually a dodecahedral disign). I believe it had 12 sides. I think they came out in the mid 70's. Were a unconventional-radical design. I am trying to find out info on these-anybody who can shedd light on this for me would be greatly appreciated.
I have a vague memory that Design Acoustics made such a model. Had no luck googleing it for verification.
Yes, it was Design Acoustics. You'll find a little bit of info on this thread:
I remember liking the sound of the (regular-looking box-type) Design Acoustics 6 more than the D-12, and I also liked them more than my Rectilinear IIIs.
Here is a photo of these speakers D-12 Design Acoustics
That picture...ouch!!
Those have a look only a mom could love!
They do match well with the wood floor, and probably look swell next to formica end tables! :-O
Wow..and people think GMA Europas are hideous! These things look like a bad DR. WHO special!
Didnt I see some of the Brady kids' groovin to some pop music with those speakers in the background? I think it was the one where Bobby broke Mrs Brady's art class project, I can still here one of the other brady's sayin
"Mom always said dont play ball in the house" ohwell gotta go time for my happy place pills!
Yep, I know those speakers, I have a pair. (The Audio Karma link is about mine.)

I also started a thread about them at Audio Asylum, which you can veiew here.

I also have a photo copy of the "Stereo Review" review article of these speakers that I can scan and send to you if you desire.

So, if there's any information not covered in the threads linked to that you're particularly desirous of, then please ask. If I know it, I'll tell you, though beware, I'm still working on locating more information about the D-12s as well.

Thanks to all for the info, and yes they are ugly....
Hmmmm maybe "UNIQUE" is a more polite way to put it
Hey, they only appear ugly when you first get them. After awhile, they grow on you. After few months, you love the little buggers for their oddness and for their ability to automatically garner comments of astonishment and curiosity in visitors. They are most certainly excellent conversation starters and mine with the blue grills are "funk-tastic." (I think, been a long time since I used stupid phrases like that.)

Ok, I will admit that they aren't as pretty as the $40 pair of Tannoy Berkeleys I picked up today, but they have their own appeal for certain.

Say, you never did say if your curiosity was sate. Do you want a copy of that review? I provides some insights and Julian Hirsches (sp?) requisit praise.

- JP