wanted to see how much equipment is worth its used in good condition but still used email for  pictures. Really need to get rid of stuff but also want it to goto someone who will love it. my dad jammed out everyday and look forward to work because of it, i just want the same for another person.  
Buy an ad if you want to sell equipment.
If you're genuinely interested in value, buy a subscription to Audiogon Bluebook. Yes, both of these options will cost you money, but you won't come off looking like a Craigslist bottom feeder.
You can contact, Attention Tammy, if you need help with the Bluebook and listing your items. 
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Thank you for being so friendly and helpful ! I not interested in posting an ad :/ . I looking more local due to how heavy equipment is and shipping cost. 
Is it me, or have there recently been a large number of people trying to sell their equipment through the forums as opposed to the classifieds?