Vincent audio hybrid amps

I am curious about Vincent Audio power amp products, in particular the hybrid SP-331. Does anyone have experience with Vincent hybrid power amps good, bad, indifferent? I might want to replace my Halfer 9180 some day and am scoping out contenders at a price point not far above $1k. My speakers are Theil CS 2 circa 1986 and pre is Rotel 971. I have never owned tube anything in my long career in "mid-end" audio.
Chris Martens gave it a good review in The Absolute Sound, if that means anything to you.
Thanks Tpreaves. I read the AS review. On balance the review seemed pretty objective. I would have liked a bit more in depth, but it is a decent place to start. I am going to see if Peter Aczel has reviewed Vincent products in particular hybrid amps.
I've got one, with a Promitheus passive preamp and Martin Logan SL3 speakers. Great for the money, very transparent in the mids and a little bit on the forgiving side of neutral. Let me know if you would like me to answer any specific question.