Video switching not working on EAD 8800.

I have had the 8800 for a couple years have not used the video switching before. Do I need to setup something in the programming? My TV only has one 1080i input and I wanted to use the theatermaster to switch between my new HD DVD and HD tunner. Any Ideas?

Probably can't deal with hi-def?...try standard and see if that is the problem. (I'm no video expert)

You will need to enter setup and link the video input to the audio input. The 8800 will switch HiDef through its component inputs. I am switching a HiDef terrestrial tuner and a DVHS through the EAD to a Runco Projector.
I agree - the manual makes several issues a lot harder to understand than they need to be. After years of ownership I still havent figured everything out :(