very strange hum from int. amp ....


I recently got a new int. amp, and like it very much.
But has a very strange hum problem.....

Whenever I turned my floor lamp on(in the same room), my amp hums; once I turned it off, the amp becomes silent.

I tried to just plug my amp to the wall and only connect to my speakers, still the same.

Any ideas what cause this problem and how to fix it ?

My another question is: why my old amp does not have this problem, under exatly the same setup ? is it a problem of amp itself ?

Any input will be appreciated.

Is your floor lamp a halogen?
Sounds like your intergrated is sensitive to line noise created by the lamp. Often lamps have dimmer switches which create line noise. If it does have a dimmer experiment with it to see it increases or decreases the hum when you use it. Probably cheaper to get a new lamp (I assume) than to try to get rid of it by filters.
I have the same problem. My Creek amp hums when I turn a halogen lamp on that is on the same circuit. Loudly when lamp is on "high" setting, less so when on the lower setting. From my understanding, toroidal (sp?) transformers are quite sensitive to this type of thing (it is common and shouldn't damage your amp). Freaked me out when it first occurred because I had bought the amp used from a dealer 3,000 miles away. I eventually figured it out.

So now I listen to music with just a flashlight on...:>)


Yes, mine is halogen.

Mattybumpkin, I experienced exactly the same as you.
My amp was shipped directly from Europe to US, door to door.

I think I have better ideas now.
Really thank everybody here!

Thank God I don't leave my floor lamp on when I sleep. :)
hi try plugging it in somewhere else