Very good resorce for sound absobtion class ratings

Came across this wikki page about class ratings for sound transmission through walls etc.

I live in Canada so never seen this before could be useful for someone building an audio room or need sound proofing solutions. This will give you some guide as to what each system will give you against a class rating system.   Seems I need class 63 looks like that's going to be costly double wall system. ;-)


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Interesting info.   Thanks for posting!
For your application, don't forget your neighbors have walls as well, so for identical construction, the number should double.  In addition, sound intensity decreases as a square of the distance, (twice the distance = 1/4 the intensity) so the space between you and your neighbor is your best friend. 

In other words, never buy a condo if you are going to buy subwoofers and a decent stereo.  :-)