vertical tracking angle

Does anyone know how to adjust the verticle tracking angle on an old grace 747 tonearm? I just replaced my old dynavector cartridge (karat 19a) with a new karat17dmkII and at present it appears that the arm is not parallel with the record (e.g. the tonearm is slightly higher at the cartridge end) Thus I need to raise the tonearm at the pivot end or raise the cartridge at the cartridge end.) Given that I've spent a good amount of time aligning the cartridge in other respects, I think it would be easier to raise the tonearm at the pivot end. The rest of the rig is an old luxman pd 300 and the grace tonearm. I'm the original owner and they are both in great shape. Unfortunately, I can't find the owner's manual and don't want to fool with it too much. I would really appreciate any guidance you guys could give me. As I live on a small rock in the middle of the caribbean, I have no local audio shops which I can turn to for help.

Thanks - Scott
Scott, I've owned a Grace (I'm not sure which model), and its VTA was adjustable by loosening an allen-key bolt in the tonearm pillar collar. Then the pillar just slides up or down to the height you want it, then tighten the allen key. Usually a metric key is needed, and it must be tiny. A jeweler's shop may be able to help you, if you can't find a set of metric keys of the requisite size for sale.
This may not be a problem. The important thing was stylus rake angle, which was usually not optimum with the arm level. I almost always run my arm lower at the pivot because it sounds better to me. Try it and see what you think. Stan
Thanks guys. I found the bolt and adjusted the vta last night. I will continue to play with it until I think I have the best sound during playback. It is very difficult to set the vta perfectly, as even with the arm parallel to the record surface, the cartridge needle may not be optimally aligned in the record groove. I tried to look at it with a magnifying glass, and it is still hard to tell where the optimal setting is. I guess I'll just keep playing with it until my ears think it sounds best. Just as a note, I was comparing lp vs cd last night with rickie lee jones girl at her volcano and my wife said the lp sounded brighter. To me, it was more dynamic. Not too bad for an old vinyl set up vs. a damned good cd/dvd player (muse model 10). I think I'm going to be rehooked on vinyl!

Toss aside the mirrors and magnifying glass, trust your ears on this.