Found Pioneer PL-LA1000 linear tracking table and...

I got good deal on working almost properly turntable and already fell in love with sound and performance.
Sometimes auto features and tonearm move do not work and I wonder what is the safest chemicals to service and clean this deck? I've already downloaded manuals and trying to be cautious not to affect important sensors while at my task.
I'm planning this deck to be my primary instead of some time ago sold Michell Gyro SE/Technodeck.
The sound of this deck is very competitive and yet very addictive! It might be one of the best turntables I've ever had.
Well here's my own insite to service and taking care of these decks:
Never use any lubrication sprays such as Caig Deoxit products.
Clean the switches ONLY with 95% or higher alcohol with soft damp cloth.
Clean tonearm rails with caution and removed tonearm.
Setting up is kind of tough, but doable with time.
This unit can give you the sound compatible with $3...4,000 decks.