Vertical passive bi amping

I'm currently running a pair of Infinity speakers this way with two Dynaco ST120's. I've recently purchased a pair of original Klipsch Heresys and would like to do the same with these. The binding posts are not set up for this but changing the crossover into seperate high pass and low pass filters seems like a simple enough task. My question concerns issues with changing the impedence curve and possibly blowing out one channel in the amps. Is there some fundamental design change that allow my Infinitys to work this way that my Klipsch speakers don't have?

Have you tried just one ST120? The Heresy has a much higher sensitivity than the Infinity, therefore it will play much louder and with more dynamic range on one amp than the Infinity's did with two amps.

Here is a good resource for Klipsch speakers,

Thank you for the response. I realize the Heresy speakers are more sensitive but higher volume isn't my goal. I want to divorce the bass driver from the high frequency signal path as much as possible. I ran my Infinity speakers with my McIntosh MC2002 for the better part of two decades, and also with my Carver TFM25 and both sounded great. But with my current set up the Emit-K tweeters really sing, so much more musical. Wish I had two of the Macs to try this with but it's just not possible at this time. I've been debating whether or not to try this same set up with two Carver TFM cb's as I do have these. But they're running my center channel and rears in my surround system along with the TFM25 running the mains.

I've searched crites site but to no avail on this query. My hope was someone here had tried this before and if they had any issues. I came to this site after reading a post here by Steve McCormack on passive bi amping in a google search. Not sure if Steve visits this site regularly but if he reads this maybe he will be able to give me the info I need.

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I'm guessing no-one here has ever tried this before?

Well, in case anyone else is interested Bob Crites answered my query and apparently there won't be any issues connecting the Heresy speakers in this manner. I thank all that responded for your input.

To answer your question, probably not. In any case, a knowledgeable tech would know. This was being done back in the 70's to such speakers as the early B&W 801's, Kef 105's, etc.. Not only bi-amping, but tri-amping them.
I made a device like the OP is asking about. Based on an article in Audio Magazine, Nov. 1969 issue. For me, it was a near perfect match for my needs. 500Hz, (actually 520) with off the shelf parts. UTC iron core coils, resistors & capacitors. I suspect the coils are the hard thing to find today. I still have the magazine fortunately. High pass & low pass, 12db/ octave.

I don't think there are any issues wrt impedanced changing as these go between the preamp & power amp. You might think about fusing the speakers. A three way might be different.

The speakers I used are 2 Altec 416a with 511b/808-8a.

I have been satisfied with the results.