Versatile, non-fatiguing speakers for a small room under $1500 used or new: advice needed!

Hi, first post here! And not a very original one, my apologies!:)

So after years of listening to music through miscellaneous mid-fi solutions, I am finally thinking about dipping my toes in hi-fi audio and putting together a dedicated stereo setup. Currently I am looking at speakers, and my head is already aching from the abundance of options, so I am looking for suggestions from you guys, primarily from those of you who have had first-hand experience building a stereo in a small room like mine and achieved results they are happy with.

My room is pretty small (approx. 13’ x 10’), and I will be placing my speakers along the long wall. My listening position will be 6 feet away, give or take; plus the speakers will have to sit fairly close to the front wall. 15 inches from the back of the speaker would be nice, but if needed, I definitely I could move them out farther into the room (up to 20 inches from the back of the speaker), for listening sessions and then move them back again. There are several rows of shelves , filled with CDs and stuff, in the middle of the back wall above my head (not wall-to-wall though) - would that work as dispersion? I’m thinking of applying some room treatment behind the speakers, and on the right-hand side wall as well (if needed) - on the left hand side is a window covered with thick curtains.

Budget: under $1500 used or new.
I listen to all kinds of music, primarily rock of all eras and subgenres (blues/folk/prog/hard/art/psych/indie, etc), jazz, blues, classical, acoustic, singer-songwriters, female vocal, 80s new wave/post punk, some heavy metal. So the speakers need to be as versatile as possible. As someone who likes rock music, the bass is important, but I live in an apartment (neighbors!), so I have to find the right balance there as I don’t want to overload the room - the bass has to be there but under control and not boomy. I want as big a sound as possible in my small room without overpowering it. In general, I’m looking for engaging, non-fatiguing, dynamic sound with good midrange and tone, with enough punch to rock out when needed, nuance to play softer, more sparse types of music, and resolution so the details in fast complex passages don’t get lost or smeared. Not a fan of excessive brightness, sibilance, or harshness in the upper midrange.

I’m primarily looking at standmounts, but maybe certain smaller floorstanders would be fine? I’ve seen opinions claiming floorstanders are the way to go, regardless of the size of the room. What do you think would be preferable in my situation - apartment with neighbors, 13’x10’ room, long wall positioning, distance to speakers about 6 feet, maybe less?

Have had good fortune with Monitor Silver 6's; lively, versatile and a consummately easy load. Many very good stand mounts have been mentioned but good stands are important: they will be fairly expensive and heavy particularly after you fill them with shot. I also am enamoured of Epos stand mounts ( the Legend 2 I think) paired with a small ML sub in a study approx. your room dimensions. Also ridiculously easy to drive. Let us know how this turns out. 
I have a similar room size for my office in our home and I have similar music tastes along with jazz, metal, country, etc.  I have a set of Vienna Acoustics Schonbergs that I truly love.  Not only are they gorgeous to look at, but they can be placed against the wall, (even mounted on a wall with the optional wall brackets), but I run them all day with just about every genre of music and they never get fatiguing.  These can be had for under $1500 with the Subson subwoofer.  If you don't need/ want the Subson, you can get these for under $1000/ pair in minty condition. 

They are available in the raw aluminum finish and sometimes, you can find a set in piano gloss black.
They have a good amount of bass output for their size and I just love them.  I had a set in black years ago that I sold and regretted.  Now I have a set in silver with the Subson and it's heaven.
To review, they are non-fatiguing, take up little to no room, are below budget, look fantastic and sound great.  I'll probably never sell them.
The Polk Audio L100 for around $1200 has been getting some rave reviews from some leading audio publications.
@ jjss49  I agree, but was trying to cut to the chase and give the OP a quick opinion.  Clearly there are many speakers he can try.  If he goes with Maggies first, he can easily weed out pretty much everything else.

Not to say he might not end up with boxes, but fatigue was his request, and I know, as you state, properly set-up and driven Maggies do not fatigue the ears like most boxes.

Its all about the music!

I don’t think anyone has mentioned Quad 12L II or one of Quad’s more recent replacement models which are also within the price Range. Lovely speakers, lovely finish, great dynamic yet unfatiguing sound. I found do with most electronics. I would suggest the II over the original 12L as the tweeter was upgraded.
I’ve now moved up to floorstanders as I moved from an apartment to a house, but I have kept my quads as they are so sweet!