Verdier Platine; arm pods?

This is probably a long shot…..but a 'gon member, Syntax posted his system here under the name of Voice of Living Presence in which he showed a Verdier granito/vintage with specially made arm pods that allowed two tonearms to be used. The deck was displayed with an Omnicron set up. It was not his deck and i have contacted him already. So I was wondering if anyone recalls the set up and can point me in the right direction?

I have a extra custom made (wood) armpod for a Verdier Platin - It was drilled for a Morch tone arm.
PM me if interested
The user heradot is the owner. Here you go
Hello Peter

I believe you are looking for audiogon member Heradot.

his link

Good luck

Cheers Chris


Solong…….this really helpful. Thank you

Hi Paladin.

Thanks for the info…I have a couple of spare ebony armbords for my Verdier and am looking for a way of adding a second pod/arm mount but would like to have two that were identical

A quick word of thanks to everyone for the above. I have been able to contact Heradot and talk to Acoustical systems in Germany who made the arm pods for the Verdier. They have retained the drawings and spec and will make another pair for me

I will probably go ahead and combine it with their SDP table mod

Regards Peter