Velodyne Micro Vee

I've been looking for reviews on the Velodyne Micro Vee and haven't found much material. I really like the idea of having such a small sub that could pound hard enough for my home theater but be easy to travel with. The 6.5 inch driver is obviously tiny, but with the two passive radiators, it has an effective surface area of 18 inches.

Does anyone have experience with this sub that can help me out, or maybe an alternative sub in that price range (around $700 - $800)? I like the small sub idea, but it isn't a must if I can get some REAL performance out of it.
I have gone to the Mini-Vee. In fact I changed from one 12"
Velodyne to two Mini-Vee's. I think the two smaller 8'
subs work a lot better in my small room.
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Thanks, guys. I think I like the dual 8 inchers idea. I wish I had a cheaper hobby.
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"Real performance"? Whatever do you mean?
They float my boat and fulfill my needs extremely well, thank you! In lieu of a Martin Logan sub...(old 3 woofer models) My Mini Vee do the low's nicely (HT, Scripts/Cinema) and keep the peace at home. I am not looking for 20-25 cycle foundation cracking response...I am extremely happy with 30 cycles.

With 3 - 6.5 inch diameter cones the micro vee has a surface area of ~ 100 in^2. This is roughly equivalent to the surface area of a 12 in diameter not 18 in. A 18 in diameter cone would have a surface of roughly more than twice that of the micro vee.