Velodyne DD accessory, what do I really need?

Found a Velodyne DD12 w/o accessory. From the manual, I think I only really need the microphone which I can get from anywhere or is there something unique about the included microphone Velodyne provided?

If anyone has 2 DD sub and only need 1 accessory kit, drop me a mail if you want to unload it.
help! any input from Velodyne owner?
anyone has a spare set of accessory he wants to sell?
I have a DD12. no extra accessory kit though...

I believe the mic is "calibrated" so you might want to check with Velodyne about getting one.

That is the only thing that you cant buy locally from the kit.
thanks for the input. Velodyne doesn't just sell the mic, they will sell the whole kit though ordering time is slow and costly, therefore I am seeking help here to see if anyone has spare they want to unload.