vdH Re Tip

I have a Talisman vdH Boron that I stabbed in my thumb and pulled out the cantilever and tip.
As they dropped onto a Berber carpet I have a slim chance in hell of finding them.

I would like to have this re-tipped but cannot find an email for vdH, I did find the distributor from vdH website and I emailed him last week, No response.
So any suggestions on where to try to have this repaired and a ball park cost.

I would try contacting the following person:

[email protected]

Harry is a semi-retired audio dealer who used to advertise here on Agon. He has personal contact with AJ VdH. I purchased my Condor and Colibri through him. He has just returned to me my Colibri which I had sent to him to give to AJ for repair. A new cantilever and suspension cost me 230Euros including return shipping to USA. Turnaround time was three weeks.