Van den Hul VDH1000 Monobloc Amplifiers - HELP

VAN DEN HUL VDH1000 Monobloc Amplifiers - HELP!!!

Hope a member of this forum could give me some advice. I am currently assisting at a recording studio where there are 8 faulty VAN DEN HUL VDH1000 Monobloc Amplifiers.

Any advice on sourcing problems and part IDs would be appreciated. VDH wants them shipped to Holland for repair but it wont be economical.

There is some common faults on most of the amps like D.C. offset drift and resistors that are blowed out.
8 faulty amps,sounds like a little misuse going on.Good luck!!
No misuse... I blame bad design...
Did you manage to fix the amplifiers?

Are you talking about the HBQ-475 or HBQ-1000? I have a pair of HBQ-475 and read VDH supplied many units to a studio in South Africa.

Mine blew not long after I bought them - I was careless by letting the speaker cables short, so it was my mistake. It blew gracefully (no smoke like Krell or Audio Research ;-)

VDH told me the transistors they used were no longer made but they still had some spares left. Only one side blew, but I replaced all transistors from both sides so that the sound would match.

Can you send some photos of the amp, showing the inside too?
Do you know what the speaker loading on the amps are?
Are the speakers connected directly or through a switch?