VDH cable advise


I have a VDH Revelation Halogen free loudspeaker cable.
I wonder if I should upgrade to a hybrid type?
Did someone here compare the hybrid and the no hybrid type?



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Thank you for the generous offer.

I am now using the Revelation cable so there is no point in going down a level to Magnum.

I don't know for sure. The first vdH speaker cables I used were Magnum Hybrids. So I've never heard non - hybrids. The 1st and 2nds are gone from the vdH site so I'm not sure what they were. I know they were the first non - metallic cables they made and they were muffled sounding. I have two eight foot pair of Magnum Hybrids you're welcome to if you want to pay shipping. They're very old and most of the end fittings are gone. Let me know and I'll send them to you.

Thanks for your response.

My budget is quite limited and can not reach the amount of 3T.
Do I understand from your answer that as an answer to my question there is no difference that can be heard between them and it is not worthwhile to make the upgrade?

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