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I ended up with Naim after I’d run through the Linn product line. Seems like the LK100 was the Linn amp then. I bought a new Nap250 as a step forward from that. It kept overheating and shutting itself down at normal listening volume so I sold it a... 
You can do a lot better than Naim for the money. I ran through the whole Naim line a few years ago. Ended up with an Nap300 power amp, 252 preamp, Supercap, de-luxe interconnects, the whole deal. Me “I’ve spent $40,000 on this stuff and it sounds ... 
SPL: Reference level performance, German build quality, and innovative designs
I've been using an Elector for a few months and I'm very pleased. It is quite spacious and revealing. It has allowed much more detail to come through than I was getting with the tube preamp I was using. I've heard it through two different power am... 
Favorite Platform for Linn LP12
Check out Isoblue. It’s a composite and they sell the shelving by the piece. Very stable.  
Does anyone manufacture an alternative Linn Sondek belt pulley ?
There are motors for sale on ebay. Maybe they'll sell a pulley. Do you need a 19 or 21mm?  
Does anyone manufacture an alternative Linn Sondek belt pulley ?
You'll know if the motor is adjusted correctly because the belt will align itself along the bottom of the inner patter. Otherwise it'll ride up or down and come off. I bought an OL belt and one of their headshell spacer things. They work great. Th... 
Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference II vs. Absolute Copper IC's
I’ve used four flavors of vdH interconnects including the metal free First and Second RCAs. I didn’t like them. They were dark and muffled like the AZ Absolute Copper RCAs. The 3T Orchids were much more open and detailed sounding. The Mountains ha... 
Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference II vs. Absolute Copper IC's
Try van den Hul The Mountain. I ran through several cable brands a few months ago including Acoustic Zen. I read all the reviews including the one that said the Absolute Copper is the best cable for any price. I didn’t have the same result. The Ab... 
van den Hul Colibri - Reconditioning
McGurk, sorry for the typo.  
van den Hul Colibri - Reconditioning
Djyou try to contact John McQuirk? I posted his email on your other thread. And there's a link to him on the VPI site.  
van den Hul Colibri - Recondition or leave it alone - how to reach vdH
Contact John McGuirk at info@myaudioshield.com. He’s the distributor for van den Hul. Van den Hul customer service has greatly improved since the Bluebird days.  
Brian Eno's Turntable Design
The cover photo of Fripp and Eno's "No Pussyfooting" was taken in Eno's living room. A little perspective.  
Glad to hear Zavfino took care of you with the broken fitting.  
Correct ear alignment
Got a feeling ears aren’t the only orifices aligned there.  
How to tame a bright system?
If the unpleasantness appeared with the AQ Fire why don’t you get something else that’s not harsh?