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What DDC to use with Sonnet Morpheus for i2s?
The Morpheus and Hermes are designed to be used together. I get excellent sound using a Morpheus straight into a Metrum Forte.   
Qobuz hell
I’ve had money issues with Qobuz, too. When I initially signed up for a free trial they asked if I wanted to try whatever their top sound level was called then. I checked “yes” and they immediately shared me $250. I contacted them to cancel and “S... 
Qobuz hell
My Qobuz expired yesterday. I’m surprised they didn’t charge me again. Never used it. Didn’t like the bass/lower midrange bloat. Tidal suits me better. MQA sounds great but some of the best sounding music is not MQA. Go figure.  
Rogue Preamp RP-1
Had one for a while. Changed the JJs for Gold Lions. Sold it after a few months. The SPL Elector seriously outperforms the RP-1 for not much more money.  
room size question.
Sounds like the only other choice is to move the speakers closer to your listening spot. You can't have depth without space behind the speakers.  
room size question.
I have Dali Epicon 6s and had them set up following Dali's instructions for decades. I had them set up with the baffles 42" off the front wall and an equilateral triangle. I had a wall to wall soundstage and little depth. I moved them according to... 
room size question.
See the Audio Physic speaker set-up guide. It worked wonders for me.  
Upgrade from base CURIOUS CABLE USB?
Sablon is an excellent choice. I have the 2020 version usb cable and it's very smooth and detailed. My only comparison I have is with an AQ Coffee and the difference is night and day. The Sablon costs three times as much as the AQ so I expected a ... 
Why is everyone so down on MQA?
Why Don't you hear more about Audio Physics Speakers??
The Canadian distributor for Audio Physic. Holm Audio in Chicago has Tempo + and Midex in stock.   
Pure Class-A Amp under $2000 (USED)
Joseph Audio: Perspectives and Pearls
Seen these?    
Speaker Placement and Toe-In
I used this setup guide for my Dalis as a last effort before I sold them and bought a pair of AP Midex. The results are Phenomenal with a capital “P.”  
Wolf Audio
An update on Wolf Audio’s continued excellent service. I had to send my Alpha 2 in after a Windows update killed it. I’m past my warranty period but Joe cleaned it up and tuned it up and it’s working perfectly again and he didn’t even charge for i... 
Why do hipsters prefer analog?
Well, have you? The hipsters know what I’m talking about.