Vandy Quatro Wood Signature II's

I'd be interested in impressions of this speaker, particularly in comparison with the original Quatro Wood and the 5A's. Also, this would be a somewhat tricky application in a 13 X 17 room where the speakers would be up fairly close to the rear wall---say 18" maximum. (Not sure if the short or long wall is going to work best). Thanks for your input.
hey dodgealum, i have owned 2ce sign.,quatro and the 5a. in saying that i ran them all with older musical fidelity 308 amps, pre and a linn source player. the critical question is what is the room being used for? listening to music primarily by you or is it a family room where movies,etc.happen? if is you listening to music, i would do the quatro speakers six feet apart on the short wall and out atleast four feet....with the chair in the five foot distance and began to move it inward to fine the sweet spot for you. i love the quatro speakers over all the other due to size and looks within a smaller room. my room was similar , 13 wide by 17 deep and i tried everything with the short wall being best , if you use for family room ,then the long wall is best with sofa,etc. i like the big power with them ,the musical fidelity 308 is a monster and they loved it, in saying that, i would use as much good power as possible, but also the source is so important. i used transparent cable and also signal cable with my setup, liking the transparent better, but lot more money and the signal were very good, but if you can afford the quatro speakers then it should not make a difference pricing the cables.....the quatro speakers look so nice in a small room with their slender profile...good listneing....dwhitt