Vandersteen V2W Subs

Just wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to hook up these subwoofers with an electronic crossover such as a Mirage or Paradigm. These subs are to be used with a two channel preamp with two sets of outputs, one set for the martin logans the other for R/L for the subwoofers.The manual say`s to use them with the LFE or Subwoofer output of a processor, but I can`t see why an electronic cross over would not work the Same. Thanks Servtechaudio
They were design for HT use and have the hook-ups for that. The other vandersteen sub works off the main amp outputs and thus would not work w an HT rig. I can't think of any reason why it would be a problem, other than a bit of a boomier sound. OTOH, I'd confirm w Richard Vandersteen AFTER checking the web site. He doesn't suffer fools lightly,