Vandersteen 2c sock removal

How do you remove the sock without damaging it, and the speakers? I bought a pair of 2ci's recently and I think the foam surrounds on the mids are starting to fall apart, Is there another way to find out if the foam is gone or is removal of the sock the only option? I would appreciate any ideas


I know that if I shine a flashlight through my speaker grills I can see the drivers pretty well. This is probably dependent on how tightly woven the grill is, though. I'm not sure what the Vandersteen's is like.
Will Try that thanks
I took the wood rim off the top of my 2cis. Once it was off, I had full access to the drivers below which I cleaned with compressed air. The rim was stuck on with glue and it took a well positooned wide-blade putty knife and a little muscle to lift off but it separated cleanly. The rim's fit is tight enough that it nestled back on top -- no need or thought of regluing. You cannnot tell the caps were ever off.
Be sure to practice safe socks.
The Vandersteen website ( tells you exactly how to do it under their troubleshooting section.

searched the website and there is no trouble shooting area to browse on the site. if you got a more direct link, it would help me tremendously, Thanks
When you go to the Vandersteen website, go to "Main menu." Once there, scroll down to "Customer service." Once you are on that page, click "Vandersteen repair instructions form." This is a PDF form that tells you how to remove the socks and/or drivers and troubleshoot.
Got it thank you, sometimes it right there but I just cant see it.
thanks again
Did it a couple weeks ago. Follow the directions on the website. Works like a charm.
Elroymcgee, I should have been more specific because it was kinda of hidden. Hope it helps you.