Vandersteen 2 tweaks ?

I have a pair of Vandy 2 c's that sound pretty good. Firstly, the thing that sticks out like a sore thumb is the stands. I can grab the speaker and move them quite easily back and forth. The metal stands have these rubber square buttons on the bottom that have to be killing the sound. So I know the stands suck. I need to build some type of rigid, solid stand for these. But I am not sure if they need to be short like the ones that came with the speakers and have a slight angle back like these. Or if I make them a little taller and have the speakers standing up straight.
I am thinking of a large block of maple or something solid like that.
Are there any tweaks out there that will really make these things sing ?
Thanks, Scott
Sound Anchors stands you're describing are one of the best possible ones for your vandys. You can fill them with the send or the lead shot to make the heavier. The angled position for these speakers also is being recommended by Rich but if you want to experiment, you can adjust height of spikes to see the effect to your taste.
As mentioned, the dedicated Sound Anchor stands will make the greatest improvement for your 2Cs.

The next change to make that will give you a very audible improvement is to bi-wire them: run two identical speaker cables from your amps to the separate inputs on the speaker (and remove the strapping between the inputs).
I believe these are either sound anchor or vandersteen stands.
I am running them bi-wired.
The one thing that I have noticed is they sound much better with the controls on the back maxed out. As soon as I try to adjust them down, it's like a change in my speaker cables. Going to some 22ga. zip cord or something.
I am thinking of changing the stand some. The stands are like the letter U on it's side. There is no support in the front to prevent rocking.
I also think I will add points between the speaker and the stands. I also will add points to the stand bottoms.
Thanks, Scott